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Waste Energy Regeneration Station

As the bid winner of Copenhagen waste renewable energy treatment plant, Danish architects-Big architects officially started to construct it yesterday.

It is famous for its unique exhaust system which reminds the public of paying close attention to pollution emissions.Ski resort on the roof is also very suitable to local climate, the following is the plan’s latest appearance graph and the detailed introduction and video during the bid.

Design: BIG Architects
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Owner: amagerforbraending
Cooperative units: realities united (smoke ring device design), AKT (skin & structure consultant),
topotek 1/man made land (landscape)
Area: construction area of 95000 m2, landscape area: 90000 m2, roof + ski field 32000 M2
Skin area: 74000 M2
Administrative office + central tourist area: 6500 M2

In order to re shape the plant’s brand ideas and aesthetic structure, in the “amagerforbraending” project, BIG designed a public ski field on the roof of the new factory, which added a new function to the plant.

This project is not isolated, but combined with the base, which has the performance of economy, environmental protection and social welfare. The plan carefully considers the local conditions: the factory building locates on one side, while residential building on the other. Copenhagen City is located on one side, while the shore landscape and amager on the other– due to this base lacks necessary characters and utilized purpose, so few tourists visit. Big added the factory roof ski area in the design and combine industrial buildings with public facilities, bringing vigor and vitality to the building as well as strengthening the links between cities.This made the construction itself become a destination of aggregation and travelling for people.

The Architect combined the height of the factory chimney with the building to form an artificial slope. Tip of the building natural lylowers, which established a close link with the public and combined the street with the roof / horizon line. Three ski slopes, with a total length of over 1500 meters, are formed by the geometric shape of the roof space.

To go to the ski resort on the roof, you must take the elevator next to the chimney. When you reach the roof, you can see the internal activities of the factory. There are two huge “skylight” pores on the roof, which skiers can observe the internal situation of the processing factory.

(Top left) A layer of skin covers the whole body of the factory, the design of this depends on the standard of engineering and technical specifications
(Top right) In order to level the height with chimney, a corner of the building is increased
(Left bottom)One side of the outer skin of the building is extended to form an administrative center and visitor reception.
(Right bottom) In order to establish a more intimate relationship with public, a corner of the street frontage is undergone lower limit processing.

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