The 6 Most Popular Architectural Visualization Styles

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The 6 Most Popular Architectural Visualization Styles

Vanforest is a professional architectural visualization team output excellent architectural renderings and animation. Following are the 6 most popular architectural visualization styles we did for all of our customers.

1st Architectural Visualation Style: The Mad Max
City lights dimmed, the “urban wasteland” awaits the appearance of the new development whose lights seem to be the only sign of life for miles around.
architectural rendering style

2nd Architectural Visualation Style: The Whodunit
These renderings sport a menacing atmosphere achieved by desaturating the image or using only dark blue and green tones. Stormy skies, shadowy figures, and strong contrasts create tension that transforms spaces into potential film noir crime scenes.
3d architectural renders

3rd Architectural Visualation Style: The David
The David flaunts its perfectly mapped textures, lifelike grass, and clinically precise reflections to the point that, like the android boy David in Spielberg’s A.I., the architecture looks a bit too perfect.
villa house architecture design

4th Architectural Visualation Style: Paranormal Activity
Blended so well into their surroundings, these projects are practically not there. Buildings appear as dreamy echoes of themselves held up by light and memory, instead of concrete pillars and slabs.
Paranormal Activity

5th Architectural Visualation Style: The Theodore
The Theodore could be a subcategory of Paranormal Activity, but, unlike the latter, it is found mostly among representations of interiors. Airy spaces and more than generous amounts of diffuse lighting make one want to lay back in an armchair and dictate a heartfelt love letter, just like Theodore in Spike Jonze’s “Her.”
office building architecture design

6th Architectural Visualation Style: The Katherine Heigl
Romantic snowbound streets, palpable silence of the first snow, kids having fun, couples holding hands, and a building in the background. The Katherine Heigl promises a happy ending and a lighthearthed story enacted in and around the omnipresent new building. This category includes sunsets, images whose large portions show meadows, forests, parks, and all kinds of pastoral scenery.
landscape architecture design