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EscuelasPias de San Anton / Estudio Gonzalo Moure

Redevelopment of this complex site that has been under fire a few years ago was on the agenda. Through competition, subsequent development project was selected. The new development plan is the mixed-use scheme, deeply implanting in the city and will revitalize the development of the region.

The mixed use functions: COAM cultural foundation, kindergarten, elderly care centers, sports facilities and music school headquarters. The underground of the construction is set a lot of parking spaces, reducing the interference to the nearby San Anton church. This is the one of the single building with the diversity and complexity.

The total area is 35878 square meters, with a total land area of 7324 square meters.

The architect wanted to create a place for rest and activities, keeping a large number of complex, staggered open corridor balcony. During day and night, it achieves inversion between quietness and lively. This city garden with open and transparent space quality and natural stretch brings unparalleled fun to people.

The construction is composed by cement, steel, glass and granite landscape. While the “Greenery” is the priceless thing decorated in it. The buildings and the trees achieve the rebirth of the city spaces, and will spread to future generations, which will become a precious legacy.

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