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Reus 112 emergency management center is a new type of government working building. The architect provides an efficient and coordinated solution to the emergency management.

At the same time let the building locate in the tourist attractions, and become the first Spanish public facilities that gains the LEED certification.

Once upon the time, the 112 calling centers are scattered across the country with a different numbers and without a shared technical framework. Now, they are integrated into a building, with an emergency number 112 to efficiently manage the emergency.

The background of this project is complicated and changeable. Surrounded by a special environment system (rail, heliport), it requires strict security conditions, advanced integrated technology, operating efficiency,good coordination between departments, ecological environment and the social education function.

The architects used a white building with large shared spaces to deal with the problem. Large shared spaces stimulate the exchange and communication, while the white skin will include all the structure. Regardless of the day and night, it is a dazzling building.

The base is located in the suburbs, surrounded by orchards, close to the junction of two important highways.The architect perfectly deals with the relationship between the construction facilities and the surrounding. The helipad, parking lot, the base and the main building are effectively placed in the tilting site.

The building is mainly divided into three layers: basic service area, public area and office area. The service area consists of a lounge, a warehouse, and it is adapted to the changeable terrain, whose roof becomes a garden. First floor of the building is a public area, which has an auditorium, a press room, and a restaurant. Above the public area is a large working area. External walls are built with large metal structures and plastic nets, which not only avoids the direct sunlight, but also cancels the external window. Metal structure allows flexible and practical floors, which is in accordance with the needs of emergency, proud bone and white appearance are based the tone for the offices.

In order to improve coordination among the departments, there is atrium filled with sunlight in the working box.

From inside to outside, the building takes a high security measures to ensure that the building is effectively running 24 hours all year round, while can supplying power independently.

This project meets all of the Spanish energy regulations, and received LEED silver certification. It efficiently uses the energy and encourages public transport. It can save 50% of water and 34% of energy consumption.

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