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The sports center is located in the historic iron ore districts in the old town Bilbao, Miribilla, which is established in a small hill that has the gap of 46 meters within a range of 200 meters.

The stadium is like the extending rocks and trees, the architect tried to solve traffic problems and the complex functions of the building. The contest set the appropriate channels for a variety of personnel (residents, players, celebrities).

The building is divided into two parts: the top cover which shelters the city noise. The stadium at the bottom.

The stadium can be seen as a tree. The supporting steel structure is the trunk, and the green outer skin is the crown, while the crown also covered the exposing central air conditioning units. The sports center uses concrete, which looks like rock on the ground.

The main traffic of the building is annular, and the external walls made with metal mesh are environmental and low cost, which is no need to add any ventilation and air conditioning equipment.It helps to evacuate when fire happens. Inside the facility is a good heat insulating material.

This tree-like tall building uses the elevator and a staircase and an independent lounge area to welcome visitors. Other parts of the room are separated by glass, including the corridor, providing guests with a no dark corridors and a good monitoring environment for the staff.

At the same time, the building has taken some measures to reduce the environmental impact. Rainwater collecting system is used to collect rainwater, and the water is supplied to the street sprinkler. Air conditioning and ventilation equipment are well hidden, which bring a noise-free and visual pollution-free environment to the surrounding residents.

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